So what does the name suggest to you?

Maybe a feeling of benevolence, of community and shared values. Well that is pretty well exactly what this community will become if we join together and co-create. Add to that the fundamental principles of a co-housing co-operative and here we have the idea of a self sustaining, environmentally aware, collaborative social living arrangement in which each person is a member of a collective. One that shares the good times and the bad, the profits and the losses and most importantly a sense of well-being that only comes when one is aware of something outside of oneself. At Share-It we shall make the loneliness of growing older a collective fight, as we deliver for one another more reasons to be happy than not. In solidarity we care for each other, we look out for one another, we help and provide all the necessary support that we may need. Our collective mission so to speak, will be to inspire each other to greater acts of love and passion.

At the Share-It Co-housing Community we hope to use Permaculture alongside the Co-operative values and principles of equity in our efforts to become self sufficient in both activities together and food production.

If that sounds like a place that you would like to spend your days and nights over the coming years please get in touch soon. This adventure is one we can all make together.