Property viewings.

We have been busy since November 2021 viewing many properties in various price ranges so that we can be best informed about what is available depending on how much interest and investment comes our way in the near future. Now is an amazing opportunity for a project like the Share-It Community, because so many properties are available and few are being sold unless you only want a small/medium sized family home. Nearly all of the Agri-tourismos and hotels and BnB’s are available to projects like ours because people are not starting new businesses in this field right now. We have been quite impressed to be fair by the amount of choice and facilities provided by many of these properties, some still needing further investment for remodelling and or adding some things to suit our ideal requirements. But in the main we feel the properties we list are worth considering, if only to select what we really need and what we can live without at the beginning.

You may remember, if you have already read much of the website that we seriously want the Share-It to be a Cooperative Co-housing Community, a democratically run living space where we share the joy and the load of responsibility between the members. Manuela and I have always been happy to be the ‘organisers’ of the main responsibilities to take the strain off of your shoulders, and we are still looking forward to being of that type of service as we settle into the purchase, setting up of the expenses and funding formats and future community beginnings. Using Permaculture as the basis for our efforts we hope that a smooth transition can be made for you, from your current situations and into a living arrangement in the Share-It Community during the mid part of this year moving into summer/autumn 2022.

We have lots of things to show you and hopefully wet your appetite for this positive progress, so please take a good look at all the items we have posted here and respond via email if you can or by leaving comments in the spaces below the articles and pages. Here below is a cronological list for some of the links to the various properties and spaces we have so far viewed. We haven’t shared all, as there are too many over 45 actual visits and many hundreds more by internet searches, so you may become dizzy. Enjoy the videos we have posted too. !!

Properties we have viewed since November 2021

1st Viewing @ Il Colle, nr Lugnano de Teverina. Deutsche Unsere erste Besichtigung

2nd Viewing @ Citta della Pieva, Umbria. Deutsche Unsere zweite Besichtigung

3rd Viewing @ Oasi Verde, nr Gubbio Deutsche Unsere dritte Besichtigung


4th Viewing @ Il Salari, nr Spoleto Deutsche Unsere vierte Besichtigung

5th Viewing @ I Perugini, nr Perugia Deutsche Unsere fuenfte Besichtigung

6th Viewing @ Oca Blu nr Gubbio Deutsche Unsere sechste Besichtigung

7th Viewing @ Lago di Bolsena Deutsche Unsere siebte Besichtigung

8th – 12th Viewings @ Oasi Verde nr Gubbio Deutsche Unsere achte-zwoelfte Besichtigung