Our Mission

The mission so to speak is to bring an example of what truly co-operative living would look like in the modern era setting. We aren’t attempting to re-create the wheel by any means, merely return to the core values that have always held societies together. What many of us see today is a lack of real commitment to harmony, a half-hearted attempt at living peaceably but without the concern for others that allows for true freedom of expression. In many ways the modern world is shaping less connectedness to one another and more separation than ever before, in its pantomimes for what is described as success, one that shares very little of the abundant resources that the earth gives freely. In the end we all choose the way our lives will go, if not directly by passively allowing others to dictate what we do and don’t do.

What we hope will stand apart as our difference in the Share-It Community is the huge amount of trust, belief in one another and dedication to sharing our efforts with love. We don’t believe that people are really happy with the same old same old lifestyles of the mainstream goal-oriented perspectives. So we offer a much less complicated option here, a sharing of responsibilities, of care and respect for what each member is capable and willing to offer. The only thing that we actually expect, is an understanding of how valuable the chance to be a part of something bigger really will be. We know this isn’t just a pipe dream, it is the way people truly know peace and companionship in collaboration and co-creative actions.

There are always those that cannot see how amazing change really is. Imagine how awful it would be for the pupae if it never became a butterfly. The world marvels at this and yet we often fear change in our own lives, in the world at large. But the inevitability is that change is a beautiful part of the experience of life and need not be daunting or resisted. Perhaps the pain from change actually comes from resisting the process of ageing and death. Then join with us and let life be an incredible celebration of your very being, and of moving through this time and space in your unique vehicle, the body. Spirit of life is not a euphemism, it is the essence of who you really are. When we recognise this ultimate truth, we become free from the anxieties that being here can bring upon our consciousness. Awareness of the greater reason for our lives surely breathes new motivation to our experience of being human. Let us know your thoughts, come and feel the freedom of collaboration in the Share-It Community setting. This could be your new home, your new challenge to spread love into the world….

Namaste x