Our Aims

“Our aim is, to fight loneliness and purposelessness throughout life and into older age, whilst living sustainably with equality and without selfishness or greed.”

The aims that we have for this community are relatively simple and based upon the type of qualities we all find most convivial for a place we would live in, potentially for the rest of our lives. Qualities such as trust and Integrity, co-operation and helpfulness. Sharing is a key asset of how we want to attempt to co-create a living community where consensus democracy is used to its best efforts to include everyone and supply peace and tolerance for all.

If this is appealing and you feel that you could contribute to the shared success, and you want to be a part of something larger than just your own goals and ideals, please get involved. Community is built by you and I working together. Unity is one of the most powerful gifts we can share with the world.