Hello and welcome to the Share-It Community, setting up a cooperative living project in Umbria, Italy

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However you came to be here we welcome you to look through our pages and posts and find out exactly how we hope to help move the world forward in a tiny part of the Italian countryside.

Manuela and I met early this year (2021) and immediately knew that we were going to work compatibly together both in our relationship and in our combined desire to help move the world and its energy into new territories. To places where our desire to see more love and harmony between people could create space for a healing of tired and old values that have been almost long forgotten. Values such as co-operation, support and caring for one another. Ideologies that sponsor determined efforts to alleviate loneliness in people especially the elder members of society. So here we are with an idea we hope will add to the myriad of other socially motivational projects and activities.

What we want to do here is bring the concepts of co-creation back into the minds of as many people as we can. To try and escape the no longer productive ideas of self serving pursuits and replace them with something tangible and collaborative. Inevitably we have to do something different if we expect new results. To continue to do the same things expecting different outcomes is really a definition of madness. The world around us might be going no-where new, but that doesn’t mean we have to follow along. We can stop and change what we don’t see working for the good of all.

Please have a long hard look at the things we offer within the pages of our project, the Share-It Community. Then if you like what you read and are getting hopeful of an escape from the roundabout world, just step off….

Get in touch and we can find out how collectively we will be able to co-create a new way of doing things. We haven’t got forever to stop the abuse of the planet and creatures upon it, including human beings.

We await your messages with hopefulness and excitement…

Peaceful Warrior and Manuela.

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