No time like the present.

July 20, 2022

Just a quick addition to the previous articles that we believe will help each one of you reading this to make a decision, be that for joining Share-It or not. We obviously want all of you to get involved, helping us be/make the change we want to see in the world. Throughout history, whenever anything significant got done, it was with the help and support of others. Nations were created from individuals who subscribed to the values and aims of the others, in a broad sense. And it has not changed with Share-It, in fact we are hoping to bring on board so many talented and positive thinking, forward moving people that can follow their hearts desire to live in a peaceful and sharing way.

When Manuela and I left the U.K. just over 10 months ago we could not have imagined being so close to a beginning for the Share-It Community as we actually are today. We have been so blessed to have met such wonderful and active people, people like you. People that want to get out of the stereotypical 9-5 life that only serves to enslave us. And here and now we are on the brink of starting this actual community with you. If we do this we will be pioneering in a sense, a new way of living that is not really acceptable to the corporate and commercial world views, because we offer a cooperative (everyone wins) option. One that does not focus simply on money and what we can buy, but on greater goals and ambitions. Things like sharing our resources, our time and our love with each other in ways that move the world away from the greed that is a necessity for the globalist profiteers.

We do indeed live in a world that has great difficulty promoting peace, love and understanding. If we are wrong then why is there so much suffering, continual war, famines, lawlessness by criminals in government and poverty across the globe, when the earth provides an abundance of resources for everyone? The answer? Well of course so many factors play a part, but in simple terms, a lack of concern for others. A desire to have more things that are really serving your actual needs. Gandhi once said, “there is enough for mans needs, but not his greed.” We completely agree with this sentiment and this is one of the reasons we began this project, to set things back into some kind of balance here on the earth at this time. And happily we are not the only ones thinking this. Here in Umbria other communities are forming almost every month, many filled with people from other nations who are seeking alternatives. Alternatives such as self grown food sources, places where peace is a practice between people, where kindness is a daily experience and sharing at the heart of everything they do.

We can all have this if we try to be more caring for others and take our own needs in equal measure to those of the community. Here we are promoting all these values and more, and we really look forward to having the experience of living the good life. One we create ourselves and not the less than satisfactory one many of us have to deal with for a large part of our time here on earth. It may seem a little Utopian, but what is wrong with choosing something better for ourselves as a group that also inspires and encourages others? We see many outcomes for the Share-It Community, the majority in a positive and sharing way. Why continue ‘making a living’ when we could be creating a life, a life of purpose and of sharing abundance with one another. Please take a look carefully at the pages of the website, discover our true aims and values, and come and join our core group in the task of making a better world. Be a founder of Share-It Community and help us be the change we wish to see.

So What can you do right now?

Firstly, learn what we are really doing at the deepest level. Then share with us and your own friends, your thoughts and ideas about these and any other subject you feel will assist us. Join us and help to co-create a community in Umbria, setting the standard for others to follow, as we follow the successes of those who pioneered a way before us. Nothing is really completely new of course, we are just choosing what we see has worked in the past and adapting the things that worked less-well. Once we have a real idea of your commitment we can do what we know will bring solace and calm to each one of us. Obviously because we are not thinking of occupying a property that belongs to someone else, (even if they do not need it) rather than finding one we can buy, we do need some investment from others. If you are one who wants to help co-create a paradise for others to benefit from, including yourself, then please get in touch and let us know. If it is initially a loan, then that is wonderful, and we can also pay monthly returns that are healthier than anything the banking criminals can offer. If you also want to live with us in this space then even better. Manuela and I, and now with help from others of the core team, have worked on financial models that are tried and tested, so we are in little doubt we can achieve our aims. With your support and creative efforts we will surely achieve these.

So to conclude. We are seeing evidence form the news and global sources that changes are coming, many not so favourable for those with money sitting in a bank account. The threat of a global currency, digital currency is real and only a move away from that can stop each one of us being enslaved by this corrupt, controlling system. Don’t take our word for it, do the research, times are changing fast. If you really want to be free, you simply have to stop complying with the orders of those that do not work for your personal welfare. All systems and governments are corrupted and controlled by forces so large that few of us can conceive of their power. (Search Vanguard and Black Rock if you need a little pointer toward this fact) So what you do now will have an affect on this subject. We know that there is very little time to start this community left, before they change the rules yet again. Your money will not be yours any more, your house even may be subject to a levy by your government, to pay for the crisis’ that are man made by them, so time is of the essence here.

Join the Share-It Community today and begin the adventure to a better way of living in cooperation with others. Our doors are open and we look forward to your participation soon.

With Love, Peace and joy.

Peaceful Warrior and Manuela Warrior.

Here are a few of the pictures taken during the recent visits for your enjoyment..

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  1. Liebe Manuela, lieber friedvoller Krieger.. Es gibt viel zu lesen. Damit ich nicht “hinterherhinke” möchte ich anfragen, ob ein- und wenn ja – welches Projekt aktuell am entstehen ist?! Dankeschön und herzlich, Ruth-Romana

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