Upcoming meeting of the Share-It Community.

March 7, 2022

So the long awaited 1st actual meeting of the initial members is about to take place here in Umbria. Manuela and I are looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time in person, as we have learnt a lot about the reasons many of you are keen to get away from the places where you currently live and help bring our Share-It Community to life. As you may be aware the aims are to start an Intentional Community full of love and collaboration where each person can be encouraged to grow into older age without all of the stresses of doing all the regular things and instead spend our time doing the irregular and creative things that will build bonds and reduce the loneliness and purposelessness many of us face as we grow older.

The agenda for this meeting is simply to have fun, get to know one another and to learn more about how the collective can reach sustainable goals of activity and co-creativity here in this part of Italy. We hope that before you arrive you might take a few minutes to gather your thoughts about what aims you hope to achieve if you decide to live in our community, what things you might hope to learn, or re-learn from being here, and maybe what skills or talents you wish to share with others in a co-housing living community. We are putting your comfort at the top of our priority list, so we hope that you will enjoy the setting of the gathering, close to Lake Trasimeno. A meal has been arranged for the second evening of the visit created by a local Chef Giovanni, hopefully to suit all of our tastebuds. The meal will be two courses with bread water and wine, as we believe the portions are quite ‘healthy’, as too the wine!!

Depending upon how many days some of you can stay, we have set up at least three property viewings, to give you all a taste of the types and ranges of living accomodations available at this time that the Share-It Community could benefit from, depending upon how much investment we can raise for a purchase. The maximum distance to a viewing from the hotel/apartments will be just over an hours drive, so we hope you will be able to get a feel of the region as we cross the landscape. We are doing only one viewing per day, so there will be much time to spend in getting to know one another and finding out what we have in common, as too what we bring to the rich tapestry of the Share-It Community project.

We hope that you will be able to let us know if there are any specific requirements that you may have, in as much time as is possible for us to arrange this on your behalf, the hostess Simona is very friendly and accommodating but not a mind reader!! The dates are currently 30th March-3rd of April, and can be extended if you need (upon request). There are lots of car parking spaces close to the apartments, most of which are ground floor, but some have upstairs bedrooms, so let us know your preferred option and we shall juggle things to suit. We have booked space to make it possible for you to either have your own room or share, depending upon what your comfort and budget will allow. Manuela and I will try and have food and other breakfast things available for each of the days you are here, but please feel free to bring whatever you prefer for yourselves, each apartment has a kitchen and dining area too. I guess we shall have to ad-lib for sandwiches and coffees at local bars/cafes as we are out on the viewings, but Italy is quite well known for its array of choice and variety. If you have a water bottle please bring one, and a torch if possible as one of the properties does not have electricity or water connected currently. We won’t be doing any off road trekking unless you prefer, so normal footwear is great, but Manuela will tell you the winds are a bit chilly this month so bring a warm jumper if you feel the cold easily.

There is still room for other interested guests if anyone reading this wants to join in, so please get in touch and we can organise this for you. The Share-It Community is keen to get this project off the ground at some point this year, and collaboration is the key to success. As you may already know, what makes us slightly unique is that we are hoping to set this up with people who rent, as well as investors. We know that money should not be a barrier for anyone when it comes to creating a truly cooperative co-housing agreement, yet of course we do need the initial capital to buy a property to get things moving. Whatever your circumstances, we aim to allow the possibility for any decent person to be included in being a member of this community, but in truth it is you the other members, who decide who that will be.

It just remains for us to wish you a safe journey and fun as you travel down here to meet one another. If you have any concerns, questions and queries that do not get answered before you come, or forget to ask at the next Zoom call, just message us immediately and we shall answer within a day or so. See you at the end of the month. The Share-It team x

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