So what does it cost?

November 9, 2021

 The proposal for inviting you to join this co-operative co-housing community is based ideally upon an initial capital investment/deposit of 5,000€ per member, and a subsequent fixed rental (that only increases by the annual inflation rate of the country (Italy) that the project is based in). It is to be set (if agreed by the co-op) at maybe 500-800€ per member per calendar month. Depending upon whether you are a couple sharing or require individual rooms an adjustment to the rental can be made accordingly. If you join as an investor/member then an agreed reduction for rent, based upon the investment amount can be redeemed. (We have a table of possible rates already worked out.) This can provide a resolution to those of us that do not yet have a pension or other income, but can invest a sum into the joint community funds, for the purchase of a suitable property and other capital expenditure. To be honest, we cannot do this without some further capital investment so the more we can generate, the sooner we can get this off the ground. We suggest investments of anything between 50,000€ and 500,000€ which entitles each investor to a percentage of the total Share-It Community assets. For the property we currently have in mind, we require a further 600,000€ in total to purchase the property plus some additional land, to include purchasing costs and taxes, and to pay for any required adaptations and renovations to adjust the dwelling to our requirements and taste, over a period of time.

The monthly rental fees will include outlays such as heating, lighting, cleaning of community spaces, swimming pool and food supplied from our community run kitchens for the potentially three social meals per week. All other meals are the responsibility of each member to supply for themselves, and whilst you can use the large community kitchen if you choose, we are intending to equip each private space as a mini apartment. We hope that everyone contributes to the running of community activities and shared meals from time to time. And if we help one another in tasks such as gardening, food growing, watering the plants, as well as joint decision making, we hope to maintain a balanced and democratic community, one share one vote.

 Each initial member of the community will choose an accommodation suitable to their needs, given that we do not yet know what they are, as the property we hope to buy has a number of different options, from basic rooms with en-suite bathroom to small apartments. Either way you will benefit from amazing views, a homely caring community and many wonderful shared activities at the Share-It Community.

 You will be able to decorate and furnish your own private spaces as you prefer, and all other shared rooms and community activity places will be decorated and furnishes according to the choices of all full members of Share-It Community. A fully equipped community laundry area will be available to each member 24/7 as with use of all public community spaces, as you would in your own home. (Depending upon the property it might be that certain hours need to be avoided so as not to disturb other members whose rooms are near to the laundry, or common rooms.) We can also provide a fully functioning media suite for wi-fi/internet usage, however, we are considering a reduced coverage in many of the community living spaces to allow for silence and or ‘wi-fi coverage free zones’, such as the gardens and lounges. We are also considering the installation of TV for people who wish to watch the news or sport programs however we are sure that many of us want to escape this so aren’t planning on having huge screens all over the publicly accessed community areas. We will also provide accommodation for family, friends and depending on space further guests visiting, as we know many people would like to have an experience outside their 9-5 without the stress and hustle. Any extra funds shall be used to guarantee a sustainable future for the community.

 So if this sounds like a world that you would like to live in and grow old together with caring friendly people, safe in the knowledge that when times get harder you will have support, get in touch immediately. This is proving to be a unique selling point and places will be taken up quickly. For more information and full membership details, apply today by email to:-

    Contact us.

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