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November 7, 2021

Hello and welcome to the brand new website for our Share-It Community.

Manuela and I are happy to be out on the road heading towards Italy on this second leg of our amazing journey. We left the UK a month ago to follow our dreams to set up this wonderful community in sunnier climbs. All directions, signs and omens from the Universe are definitely telling us to go with our passions and now we are setting off to go and view several potential properties in and around Umbria, central Italy. We will be driving towards Rome where we hope to meet other like-minded people who have already begun the long road to self-sufficient community ventures. If we are very lucky the Universe will now send us many more signs as to how to reach out to the people who will come and be a part of the Share-It community, which we hope will become a co-operative. By this we mean not only sharing the ideals of living more simply as we grow into mature years, but by being co-creators and co-owners of a space we call home.

We shall no doubt benefit from the long established values and principles of co-ops. An idea for living communities that predates all others. In essence, sharing all that nature and the love between people can deliver. Much like the native Indians of North America, we shall live in a much more harmonious way with the nature around us, with one another and with the wider Italian communities whilst co-creating a self-sufficient paradise on earth.

Later this month we shall be working towards contacting as many people as we can, predominantly either German or English speakers, with all the details of how they can get more involved in this Co-operative community living venture, what the predicted expenses and costs will be as well as more details about what features we shall hope to provide to all of the members and guests in the Share-It Community. We are really excited to see what happens over the coming months and to meet many new and vibrant people whose ideas can breathe a special kind of light into our world. We can be the change we wish to see in the world, and we can do it NOW!

Please follow our updates, our journey and get in touch as soon as you can.

Something I learned a long time ago was this: Having things is useful, but only when we share them do they become incredibly valuable…

With LOVE and LIGHT.

Peaceful Warrior and Manuela.

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