A joining of ideas.

November 9, 2021

Bring to the world here, an idea of how to live in a much more effective and sustainable way in the modern era, avoiding the loneliness and solitude that often leads to much unhappiness and sadness. Studies show that as we get a little older and as our families have flown the nest, our dependents need us much less than before. Along with the result of the corona virus era, jobs, careers, family relationships and friendships have been affected by working from home and lockdowns, as well as restrictions of freedom of movement. Sadly, we have seen much stress, fear and anxiety arise, often creating much less social cohesion than we all would have hoped for.

So, what could you personally gain from joining an ever-active group of likeminded folk sharing the sports, life skills, recreation and food growing? Also gardening, caring for nature, walking in the beautiful grounds and woodlands of the community space. Getting fit and continuing to be active with community run Yoga, Pilates, meditation workshops, musical creativity workshops, bicycle riding and more…

Or simply sit in the quiet of the warm and open spaces we’d create together in the estate we would all co-own.

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